Shortcuts for Emacs mode


Ctrl-x Ctrl-wSave
Ctrl-x fNew file
Ctrl-x hSelect all
Ctrl-x hSelect all


Ctrl f/bMove forward/backward by one character
Alt f/bMove forward/backward by one word
Ctrl p/nMove up/down one line
Ctrl a/eMove to start/end of line
Alt a/eMove forward/backward by one sentence
Ctrl UpMove up by one paragraph
Ctrl DownMove down by one paragraph
Alt vMove up by one page
Ctrl vMove down by one page
Alt Shift ,Move to start of document
Alt Shift .Move to end of document
Alt g gGo to line


Ctrl-x TabInsert tab
Ctrl dDelete next character
Ctrl hDelete previous character
Alt dDelete next word
Alt backspaceDelete previous word
Alt kDelete to end of sentence
Ctrl-x DelDelete to end of sentence
Ctrl oInsert new line
Ctrl tTranspose two characters
Alt cCapitalize next word
Alt lLowercase start of next word
Ctrl /Undo
Ctrl-x uUndo
Ctrl Shift -Undo
Ctrl zUndo
Ctrl Shift zRedo