Version 0.25.2

Posted July 8, 2021 ‐ 1 min read

More folding improvements

More improvements for markdown folding!


  • Added shortcuts for folding specific heading levels for sublime and emacs key bindings.
  • Added toggle fold command for default key bindings
  • Cursor can now move past fold markers without clearing them
  • Prevent folding when no lines would be folded.
  • Deleting a fold marker (via delete key) now unfolds the content instead of deleting whole region, similar to backspace key.
  • Unfold and toggle fold commands now work when used on unfolded content that follows a fold marker, even if that content is technically on a different line.


  • Fixed first heading not being foldable if it was also the first line in the document
  • Fixed repeatedly folding the same line creating nested fold markers that hade to be cleared multiple times
  • Fixed one cause of repeated fold markers appearing on the same line
  • Fixed more than three periods at the end of a heading getting folded as well (folding is now limited to the last three periods).
  • Fixed fold marker getting deleted prematurely when backspacing
  • Fix deleting characters on lines after folds sometimes unfolding above lines
  • Workaround (read: hack) for cursor not appearing next to fold markers. Still occurs in one case
  • Fixed deleting a fold marker sometimes unfolding a nested marker as well